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Rose Hip Seed Oil

RoseHip Oil for dry skin & damaged skin repair - natural rosehip oil. Also for dry eczema, wrinkles, age spots, hyper pigmentation, scars, burn skin.

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RoseHip Seed Oil

Online source for a unique natural skin care product, a healing gift of nature, known until recently only by the native people of Chile.

Thanks to scientific research now recognized worldwide by doctors and the cosmetic and dermatology industry for the effects of the natural topical trans-retinoic acid (vitamin A) it contains.

The effect on the skin is central to the use of Rose Hip Oil. Many benign disorders of the skin may be treated with it, beneficially. 

Aging wrinkles and sun damaged skin with discolorations or dark spots benefit from the increased irrigation which Rose Hip Seed Oil stimulates and the renewal of skin cells it triggers.

The aging process frequently is associated with variable degrees of a metabolic slowdown in all tissues including the skin, and this natural skin care product reinforces the waning metabolic functions of the skin.

Scars become softer and less prominent; pits and blemishes as well (such as scars from acne, chicken pox or small pox). Scar treatment is where Rose Hip Oil has had immense success. When used for 2-4 weeks pre-surgery over the planned sites of surgery and continued post-surgery, considerable reduction or total elimination of scar formation has occurred. In fact research has found that the earlier the oil is applied to the tissues before incisions or to the scar itself, the more significant the effect in preventing the laying down of excessive scar tissue.

Keloid formation is reduced and often fails to form at all with this routine regimen. Many Plastic and Reconstructive surgeons have adopted this use of Rose Hip Seed Oil.

Oil is extracted from the seeds contained in the intensely red berry-like fruits -or hips- of a wild rose-bush that grows in the cool, lush mountain rainy valleys of the southern Andes, in Chile. 

This wild rose is known by the people of Chile as " Rosa Mosqueta ", and by scientists as Rosa Affinis Rubiginosa. It's healing properties where a well kept secret of the native people of Chile for centuries. Now they have been validated by scientific research worldwide.


Massage the oil into the affected area with your fingertips until it is completely absorbed. If you use it during the day you must place a sunblocker on top.

Rose Hip Oil applied twice a day every day for about three months reduces scar tissues, helps to prevent and reduce stretch marks, attenuates wrinkles & age spots. Anti-inflammatory, improves burned skin. Aids in the treatment of dermatitis that results from radiotherapy. Excellent to prevent photo aging and immediately relieve dry skin and eczema.



Source of topical retinoic acid (vitamin A) in a natural bio-available form

Retinoic acid works by binding to specific cell receptors of skin after a topical application. After the cell receptors have been activated, there is a modification in gene expression, subsequent protein synthesis, and cell growth and differentiation. Thus, the epidermal cell is modified increasing the regeneration of damaged skin and the capacity to produce new tissue as a consequence of an acceleration of the differentiation of the keratin.

Topical trans-retinoic acid is also synthesized as a drug and is trade marked as Tretinoin, Retin-A, Renova, and many other commercial names, and has attracted attention because it improves the appearance of photo-aged skin and is prescribed for the treatment of acne.

The FDA approved topical tretinoin in December 1995 for improving the appearance of photo-aged skin. Tretinoin reduces fine facial wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation (age spots), and surface roughness associated with chronic sun exposure. The drug sloughs off dead skin, regenerates collagen, and allows cells in the top layer of the skin, which are always being replaced, to mature more normally than untreated sun-damaged cells.

There is evidence that trans-retinoic-acid actually prevents sun damage. Researchers have found that even brief exposure to sunlight increases the activity of enzymes that break down the proteins collagen and elastin that provide structural support for the skin. Products containing trans-retinoic-acid reduce the activation of these enzymes.

Side effects of the drug tretinoin for topical application include temporary peeling, redness, and blistering, and a permanent increase in sun sensitivity.  ROSE HIP OIL content of trans-retinoic acid in a natural form makes it far more skin friendly and absorbable by the human body due to it's bio-availability or compatibility with our live skin cell structures. The only side effect is an increase in sun sensitivity of the newly formed skin cells that arise due to its action. And that can be wisely addressed with a sun-blocker.

Bio Rose Hip Oil is a 100% natural concentrate of pure, organically grown rose hip oil. It has an unparalleled purity of 99.7% (with natural antioxidants making up the rest), and a high 80% content of polyunsaturated fatty acids, one of the oil's main active elements. Light and clear, the oil is non-staining, easily absorbed and leaves no greasy residue.

Bio Rose Hip Oil is obtained in Chile through a fully in-house cold pressed process and bottling at place of origin.

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Rose Hip Oil 
Box contains three dispenser glass bottles with 45ml of oil, enough for the full treatment of your face or one area of your body.

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