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Welcome to - All natural skin care with oils and the the most extraordinary naturally occurring active ingredient for the health and beauty of our skin, at the best prices.

A very mild and elemental skincare regimen can help to rebalance your skin. Personally, I love oils. I tried so many of them over the last few years, that I‘d like to share my experience with you.

But remember: Less is more! You will be surprised that washing and moisturizing your face only once a day is good enough. I prefer rosehip oil. Just two or three drops, and my skin feels like heaven. That‘s all.

How to Use Oils

First of all: Always apply only a few drops of oil to damp skin – or wash off the excess oil, patting the skin with a towel afterwards.

Good quality organic and cold pressed (or CO2-extracted) oils won‘t clog your pores, but you can still easily create a very thick layer of far too much oil on your face, which means your skin won‘t be able to breathe!

Forget about ZeroZits! I personally do not believe in those comedogenic ingredients-sheets. The listed oils and fats were tested years ago on rabbit ears without even differentiating between “cold pressed”, “refined”, “organic”, “non-organic” or “hydrogenated”. That makes a great difference.

On the other hand, I think that the combination of fats with other questionable ingredients represents the biggest breakout potential in most commercial products: fats plus emulsifiers (i.e. PEG-esters or anything labelled “ethyl-“, “ceteareth-“, “cethyl-“, “stearyl-“) or film building agents (i.e. silicone, paraffin, triglycerides, …), not to mention chemical preservatives, perfume and solvents.

So if you are courageous, just try different oils as a moisturizer! Do not expect an overnight miracle though. It just takes time to find the right dose of the right oil for your own individual skin type. Your choices might change with the seasons, your own personal life cycle or your mood.

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