Virgin RoseHip Seed Oil – Extracted by Cold Pressing

Rose Hip Oil is extracted from the seeds contained in the intensely red berry-like fruits -or hips- of a wild rose-bush that grows in the cool, lush mountain rainy valleys of the southern Andes, in Chile.

This wild rose is known by the people of Chile as ” Rosa Mosqueta “, and by scientists as Rosa Affinis Rubiginosa. It’s healing properties where a well kept secret of the native people of Chile for centuries. Now they have been validated by scientific research worldwide.

Intensive Repair Treatment

All natural skin care, toxin-free and worry-free approach to revitalizing dry and dull skin and visibly improving your skin’s quality and appearance.

RoseHip Oil Revitalizes your skin

Reduces wrinkles and signs of premature ageing. Helps to counter the drying effects of the sun which are usually first noticed in fine wrinkle lines or “crows feet” around the eyes and mouth. Evens tone and smoothes roughness. A natural moisturizer for dry, sensitive, allergic, sun damaged, problem skin conditions and daily skin care.

RoseHip Oil Attenuates Scars

Improves surgical and accidental scars, restores normal skin color (reduces redness or hyper pigmentation). It also avoids the formation of the keloid type of scar (lump) which may appear after surgical procedures and helps to make less apparent old scars left by acne or chickenpox.

Provides excellent results in the treatment on burned skin or on skin that has been exposed to radiotherapy.

Skin Moisturizer

It is a superb tissue hydrator with a high absorbing level, penetrating dry skin almost instantly to restore a much needed moisture balance frequently lost by climatic and environmental conditions such as dryness and air toxicity.

Nourishes Your Skin

RoseHip Oil also has a high content of unsaturated essential fatty acids, namely oleic (15-20%), linoleic (44-50%) and linolenic (30-35%). They are called ” essential ” because our body is not able to reproduce them, and because they help to nourish and maintain a healthy skin.

How to use RoseHip Oil
Massage the oil into the affected area with your fingertips until it is completely absorbed. If you use it during the day you must place a sunblocker on top.

Rose Hip Oil applied twice a day every day for about three months reduces scar tissues, helps to prevent and reduce stretch marks, attenuates wrinkles & age spots.

Anti-inflammatory, improves burned skin.

Aids in the treatment of dermatitis that results from radiotherapy. Excellent to prevent photo aging and immediately relieve dry skin and eczema.

Testimonial: “  I love this product. I was using a lot of other very expensive products and after using this one, I stop all other. My routine now is I wash my face with baby soap, put a little bit of toner and I drench my upper chest, neck and face (especially the lower eye area) with rose hip oil. Within a few minutes, my skin has absorbed the oil and it looks great. I repeat the same process in the morning, but only put a little bit of rose hip oil on the face. I apply my makeup and my face looks great. Everyone has notice the smooth difference and younger look. I love it. Anna Plasencia. Miami Springs, Fl, USA. “

RoseHip Oil for For Face & Body

Bio Rose Hip Oil is a 100% natural concentrate of pure, organically grown rose hip oil. It has an unparalleled purity of 99.7% (with natural antioxidants making up the rest), and a high 80% content of polyunsaturated fatty acids, one of the oil’s main active elements. Light and clear, the oil is non-staining, easily absorbed and leaves no greasy residue.

Bio Rose Hip Oil is obtained in Chile through a fully in-house cold pressed process and bottling at place of origin.

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Rose Hip Oil
Box contains three dispenser glass bottles with 45ml of oil, enough for the full treatment of your face or one area of your body.

bio rosehip oil - rose hip oil

3 x 15 ml (total 45 ml of virgin cold pressed rosehip oil)

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